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Biggest Surprise of Day! Israel and US Jets Hit Secret Pro-Iranian Bases with Most Powerful Strike!
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The Israeli army has imposed a complete blockade on the Gaza Strip as part of its ground offensive.
Under this blockade, the activities of the Hamas terrorist organization in the northern Gaza Strip have been completely restricted by the Israeli forces' raids, air and ground attacks.
Today's revelations reveal that the war has entered a new phase with the IDF's clampdown on Hamas in the northern Gaza Strip, and that Israel has captured the most important terrorist bases in the region.
The latest war reports also show that the IDF has destroyed a record number of Hamas terror sources in Gaza, carried out dramatic operations against Hamas-supporting groups in the West Bank, and suppressed the terror organization's so-called leadership in Gaza.
Today, heavy raids by the Israeli army's 401st and 7th Brigades in northern Gaza resulted in the capture of at least two major Hamas headquarters. At least 10 Elite senior Hamas commandos were captured and more than 30 senior Hamas commandos were killed.
As a result of the operations, more than 250 Hamas members were eliminated, including more than 30 Hamas commandos.
Let's dive into the stunning operational details of today's raids by the Israeli army.
It all started with the Israeli army flying its national flags on the northern coastal areas of Gaza.
As you may recall, a group of Israeli naval commandos announced that they had taken control of the northern coastal shores of Gaza.
The IDF then published striking images of Israeli flags being flown in these areas.
It was at this point that the Israeli army continued its operations in the northern coastal areas of Gaza, where it discovered several Hamas terrorist centers.
This reconnaissance operation was conducted by Shin Bet, Israel's domestic intelligence agency.
The Shin Bet shared the strategic coordinates of one of the most important Hamas outposts in the northern coastal areas of the Gaza Strip with Israeli forces close to the area.
The Israel Defense Forces announced that troops from the 7th Armored Brigade raided a Hamas outpost and training camp in the northern Gaza Strip, seizing dozens of weapons and killing approximately 30 terror operatives.
The IDF reported that troops seized assault rifles, missiles, mortars, drones, maps, communications equipment and other technological equipment in the area.
Soldiers from the 7th Armored Brigade also raided the offices of Mohammed Sinwar, the brother of Hamas terror leader Yahya Sinwar, and seized weapons and other equipment.
In another operation, the 7th Brigade, together with members of the elite combat engineering Yahalom unit, raided a Hamas outpost belonging to the terror group's Sabra neighborhood battalion.
The IDF reported that troops found and seized anti-aircraft missile operation and calibration systems, numerous drones, a loaded rocket launcher, technological equipment and intelligence documents.
With this critical raid operation, the IDF took control of the 3rd outpost, which was used as the headquarters of the Hamas terror group, and destroyed all these bases.
Hamas has suffered unimaginable losses in these operations.
But the terror group's losses were not limited to these.
The Israel Defense Forces announced that its ground forces had killed a number of Hamas operatives, including the terror group's elite Nukhba Commando forces that participated in the October 7 massacre.
The operations were carried out following intelligence information provided by the Shin Bet security service to Israeli army soldiers stationed near the area.
The IDF said the soldiers killed Ahmed Moussa, the alleged commander of the Nukhba division, and Amr Alhandi, the commander of the Nukhba platoon, who were hiding in Jabaliya.
According to the IDF, Moussa was a Hamas terrorist cadre commander who led the October attack on the Zikim base, a nearby kibbutz and another military outpost in the area.
In recent days, Ahmed Moussa has also spearheaded an offensive against Israeli forces in the western Jabaliya region.
But with this operation, Hamas has lost another one of its terror leaders.
In addition to these two Hamas commanders, the IDF also reported that it killed Mohammed Kahlout, the head of the terrorist organization's so-called sniper unit in the northern Gaza brigade.
The elimination of Kahlout deeply affected Hamas. However, the IDF continued its operations against the terrorist organization's so-called commanders and leadership.
Today, it was revealed that in IDF offensive operations against Hamas' so-called leadership and commanders, units of the Israeli army's 252nd Division killed 19 Hamas operatives who were planning terror attacks.
Israel's attacks on Hamas-controlled outposts and headquarters did not stop there.
The most critical operation of the day took place at a hotel on the Gaza coastline.
Strategic data revealed that Hamas has turned a hotel on the coast into a terror center.
This was a very strategic main outpost on the coastal side of Al Shati Camp, northeast of Gaza City.
The IDF brigades reported that the Hamas terrorist organization carried out a preposterous raid on this main headquarters in the area north of Al Shati Camp from the coastal area.
The outpost operated out of the Blue Beach hotel in the coastal area north of the Gaza Strip and was the headquarters of the Hamas terror group's Al Shati militants.
After 10 hours of preliminary preparations and initial attacks, the IDF broke through the Hamas outpost defenses.
First, the IDF's 401st Brigade launched a heavy attack on the Badr outpost of Hamas' Shati Battalion after determining the strategic coordinates.
Following this attack, approximately 30 Hamas terrorists barricaded themselves in the hotel and fired numerous anti-tank missiles at IDF forces.
After a certain period of time, Hamas terrorist attacks against the IDF's operation proved to be insufficient and the IDF gradually took control of the outpost.
After hours of heavy clashes between both sides, the Badr outpost of the Hamas terror group was completely destroyed by soldiers of the IDF's 401st Brigade.
In addition, the IDF reported that after breaking Hamas' defenses, the IDF neutralized 150 Hamas terror members in less than half an hour in this critical offensive operation against the Badr outpost.
This was the most Hamas terrorists the IDF has killed in a single attack in a very short period of time.
As part of the raid on the outpost, 401st Brigade forces found and destroyed the Hamas terror group's ammunition production facility, launching stations and a site for an underground network inside the coastal outpost.
On the other hand, the raid on the Badr outpost revealed that the terrorists were using hotel rooms as protective shelters, and were planning surface and underground attacks.
In other words, Hamas terrorists had turned the hotel into a terrorist base in order to keep a low profile.
But by destroying this outpost on the border with Shati, the IDF has taken complete control of Hamas strongholds in the northern Gaza Strip.
In other words, this terrorist outpost was the last remaining outpost on the Shati border, and it was destroyed.
With all of these offensive operations, the IDF has made a very important step towards eradicating the terrorist organization by eliminating Hamas' so-called commanders, agents and officials in its leadership.
In addition to these liquidation operations, the IDF has been conducting raids against terror sympathizers and members in the West Bank.
Most recently, the Israel Defense Forces arrested 41 wanted terrorists, including 14 Hamas members, during overnight raids by soldiers in the West Bank.
The IDF announced that since October 7, the Israeli military has arrested 1,540 wanted Hamas pro-terrorist militants in the West Bank, more than 930 of whom are directly linked to Hamas.
In addition, at least 176 Hamas terror sympathizers in the West Bank have been killed by Israeli forces since October 7.
In other words, the IDF's efforts were aimed at suppressing Hamas' operational terror activities in the Gaza Strip, while at the same time preventing the spread of terrorist ideology in the West Bank.
In addition to arrests and detentions in the West Bank, the IDF confirmed that it demolished the Hebron home of brothers Saqer and Mohammed al-Shanter, accused of killing Bathsheba Nigri in an August shooting attack.
In sum, Hamas has lost terrorist bases, so-called commanders and sympathizers in the Gaza Strip as well as in the West Bank, and the IDF has gained a major advantage in the war as ground offensive operations continue.
It remains to be seen how long the Hamas terrorist organization can hold on in Gaza after all these heavy losses.
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